Indian Journal of Orthopaedics

: 2006  |  Volume : 40  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 129--130

Johnson & Johnson / Robert Roaf Traveling Fellowship 2005-06 (25th Dec. 05 - 25th Jan. 06)

Vikas Gupta1, Vikas Gupta2, Zile Singh Kundu3, Pravesh Kumar Agrawal4,  
1 SJH, Delhi, India
2 AIIMS, Delhi, India
4 Delhi, India

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Vikas Gupta
SJH, Delhi

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Gupta V, Gupta V, Kundu ZS, Agrawal PK. Johnson & Johnson / Robert Roaf Traveling Fellowship 2005-06 (25th Dec. 05 - 25th Jan. 06).Indian J Orthop 2006;40:129-130

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Gupta V, Gupta V, Kundu ZS, Agrawal PK. Johnson & Johnson / Robert Roaf Traveling Fellowship 2005-06 (25th Dec. 05 - 25th Jan. 06). Indian J Orthop [serial online] 2006 [cited 2020 Jan 17 ];40:129-130
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At the outset, we would like to thank IOA and especially to Dr. Ashok Johari, Inland Fellowship Secretary for having selected the four traveling fellows for this prestigious fellowship.

Mumbai (25 th Dec - 31 st Dec, 05)

We attended the Golden jubilee IOACON 2005 and participated in pre- conference workshops of personal interest on 25 th Dec. During the next 2 days we liked the instructional course lectures and the Continuous Medical Education. The next two and half days were full of academic activities in the form of lectures, free papers and posters. We enjoyed various scientific deliberations in this conference. On the last day of the conference we were invited by Dr. Ashok Johari and his family for dinner. New Year eve at Mumbai started with a visit to his nursing home. We saw the master of paediatric orthopaedics at work. His boundless energy and enthusiasm is worth emulating.

Pune (1 st - 2 nd Jan, 06)

We celebrated New Year with Dr. Sancheti at his grand farm house on a hill top. Next day at Sancheti Institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation began at 6:30 early morning with prayer & meditation. This was followed by the extensive case discussion and seminar presentation by the residents. Later we went for rounds along with Dr. Parag who detailed us about the making and working of this state of the art institute. He also demonstrated his skills in a case of posterior wall acatabular fracture. Watching Dr. K.H. Sancheti performing ASR (Articular Surface Replacement) in a young patient of ankylosing spondylitis was a visual treat. In the evening, he outlined the advantages of his indigenously designed Indus knee on his laptop. Our short and sweet trip ended with a cozy dinner at Dr. Parag's house.

Chennai (3 rd -9 th Jan, 06)

We reached, Chennai on 3rd afternoon and met IOA president, Dr Mayil V Natarajan over a dinner. Schedule at Chennai began with a visit to the famous hand surgery unit of the Stanley Medical College hospital where we met Prof. Chandran & his team (all plastic surgeons). We witnessed routine hand cases in their OT. On 5 th Jan, we went to Sundaram Medical Foundation and were joyfully received by Dr PV Jayashankar and Dr Sudakar Williams. We were inspired by their research work on diabetic foot and muscular dystrophy. The afternoon session was spent with Prof. K. Sriram at the child's trust hospital. We saw variety of paediatric orthopaedic cases and their long follow up. His sincerity and dedication towards his patients is admirable. Next day was marked for Madras Medical College where we were warmly received by Dr RH Govardhan, Hon Secretary of IOA. The newly made Orthopaedic section and the OT complex is a shining example for all government hospitals. We saw application of custom mega prosthesis (CMP) in a patient of osteogenic sarcoma operated by Dr Mayil's team and hybrid THR by Dr Govardhan. In the afternoon we were felicitated by Dr Mayil. Later he hosted a cocktail dinner at a club. Next day, we reached Madras Institute of Orthopaedics & trauma (MIOT) at 7 AM. As Prof PVA Mohandas was busy in his meetings, he refused to meet us. On Sunday Dr Mayil invited as at his residence for a grand breakfast followed by memorable trip to Mahabalipuram. The warmth & magnanimity shown by him will be remembered for long. On last day we were cordially received by Prof SSK Marthandam at Sri Ramachandra Medical College at Porur. This deemed university has a huge campus and good infrastructure. After brief operative session, we left Chennai by afternoon flight for Kolkata.

Kolkata (9 th Jan - 15 th Jan, 06)

We met our local coordinator Dr Nirmal Dey, who had planned visit to two hospitals each day. On 10 th Jan. we went to SSKM Hospital and met Prof ND Chatterjee and Dr DP Baksi who demonstrated his total elbow in a patient of failed osteosynthesis and pes anserinus transfer for habitual dislocation of patella. Afternoon session was spent at CMRI where Dr S Dasgupta demonstrated a TKR. Evening was spent at his house and we had good Bengali food. Next day we met Dr. Tapas Chakraburtty and his team at the R.K.M. Seva Pratisthan. He operated a case of recurrent dislocation of shoulder by redirectional glenoplasty. Later in the afternoon, we had a good academic discussion with Prof. N.K. Das and Dr. Arindam Banerjee at Institute of Child Health. In the evening Dr. S.M. Lakhotia accompanied by his wife took us for shopping followed by splendid dinner at his house. On 12 th Jan, we were affectionately greeted by Dr AJ Kundu of the NRS Medical College & Hospital. He is heading a well dedicated team of surgeons. His colleague Dr D Bhattacharya demonstrated a posterior spinal fixation and anterior decompression in a D12 burst fracture. Afternoon session turned out to be very exciting and stimulating at Aurobindo Seva Kendra. There we were affably received by Dr R HomChaudhury and his team. We were highly impressed by his sense of humor & positive attitude. He demonstrated his surgical skills in a 70 year old lady with unstable I/T # by introducing BS nail in just 15 minutes. Next day we interacted with Dr MS Ghosh at Kothari Medical Center. In the afternoon we interactedand later observed Dr PK Banerjee performing a TKR with great precision and skill using all aseptic measures at Peerless hospital. On saturday (14 th Jan), we visited BC Roy Polio Clinic and hospital for crippled children where we met Paediatric Ortho Surgeon, Prof TK Maitra operating a poliotic child. We also met a very Senior Orthopaedic Surgeon. Dr AK Das who seemed to be very active at his age. From there we were taken to BORRC, the farm house cum hospital built by Dr Shailendra Bhattacharya. We were amazed to see his positive spirit & commitment to work despite his age. We enjoyed the WBOA monthly clinical meeting conducted at his place by Dr. Gopinath Roy. Our last day at Kolkata was spent at BP Poddar hospital where we were witness to an array of presentations. Later we visited the Belurmath temple before leaving for Jabalpur in a train. We must compliment West Bengal Orthopaedic Association for excellent planning and hospitality of the fellows during our stay at Kolkata.

Jabalpur (16th -19 th Jan, 2006)

We reached Jabalpur on Monday evening and were cheerfully received by Dr. Alok and Dr. Abhay at the station. Next morning at the Jabalpur Medical Research Centre we observed Dr. Seth doing Arthroscopic tibial spine fixation. Afternoon session was spent with Dr Verma and Dr Alok who presented their work. Later we visited the famous Bheraghat and Dhuandhar falls with him. There we witnessed awesome spectacle of nature and the evening was well spent. Next day we had an exhaustive scientific and clinical discussion with our IOA president elect Dr HKT Raza interspersed with OT sessions. He demonstrated the application of his indigenously designed cobra plate in a couple of cases. His sheer dedication, hard work and time management was apparent at the end of the day. To beat it all we were honoured at the Jabalpur Orthopaedic Association clinical meeting held later in the evening. The last day at Jabalpur was no less exciting with a visit to a temple at a hill top followed by a discussion on deformity correction. In the afternoon we were warmly sent off by Dr Raza and Dr Alok who came personally at the station.

Delhi (20 th -25 th Jan, 2006)

As expected we were all eager to reach our home and as per the programme we all assembled and met at LNJP Hospital on 23 rd Jan. We met Dr Dhal in the operation theatre where he demonstrated the application of fasciocutaneous flap in a case of grade III B, open # both bone leg. During lunch we also met our local coordinator Dr Sudhir Kapoor and other faculty members of the Orthopaedic department. Next day we witnessed Dr IPS Oberoi performing shoulder arthroscopy in a female athletic with labrum avulsion at the railway hospital. His zeal and enthusiasm is worth mentioning. Later we went to St. Stephens's hospital the largest private charitable hospital of the Delhi. We were amazed to see Dr Balu Sankaran still active in the OPD. We met the Director and HOD, Dr Mathew Varghese in the OT where we was doing an open reduction in a neglected elbow dislocation. After a delicious lunch we had a very useful session enriched with academic activities in the form of presentations and discussion. The amount and quality of work done by Dr Mathew and his committed team is laudable. After a brief ward round and high tea we all departed to meet again next day at GTB Hospital. Our last day of the fellowship at this Hospital was no less thrilling where we met Dr Sudhir Kumar and Dr AK Jain, editor elect of the IJO. They had planned series of cases for operation. Dr AK Jain demonstrated his innovative technique of correction in a case of Pott's paraplegia with a severe kyphotic deformity. His documentation and digital video recording of the case is worth appreciating. Dr Sudhir Kumar demonstrated his proficiency in a case of recurrent dislocation of shoulder by redirectional glenoplasty. In the afternoon he took as out along with other faculty members for an excellent lunch.

Now it was time to bid good bye to everyone and we hugged each other for having a wonderful time together.

Overall this fellowship was very useful and informative and we would cherish the memories of this for long.