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Evaluation of a modified POSSUM scoring system for predicting the morbidity in patients undergoing lumbar surgery
Li Ying, Bai Bo, Wu Huo-yan, Zhuang Hong
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2.  Angular-stable locking plate fixation of tibial plateau fractures - clinical and radiological mid term results in 101 patients -
3.  Comparison of percutaneous vertebroplasty and percutaneous kyphoplasty for the management of kümmell’s disease
4.  The Best Location For Proximal Locking Screw on Femur
5.  Calcar femorale grafting in hemiarthroplasty of the hip for unstable inter trochanteric fractures – a novel technique
6.  Total hip arthroplasty with the sandwich liner: a study of 163 THAs at a mean 7.3 years’ follow-up
7.  Return to Sporting Activity after Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Arthroplasty: Results of a prospective study.
8.  Management of segmental skeletal defects after debridement of bone infection by the induced membrane technique
9.  A modified Girdlestone arthroplasty and hip arthrodesis with the use of Ilizarov external fixation as salvage operations in the management of severely infected total hip replacement
10.  Untethering of tight filum terminale helps improvement in scoliosis patients: with special emphasis on idiopathic scoliosis patients
11.  Results of Two Different Surgical Technique in Treatment of Advanced-Stage Freiberg’s Disease
12.  Reliability of ultrasonography in patients with developmental dysplasia of the hip: How reliable is it in different hands?
13.  Subtrochanteric Shortening Osteotomy Combined with S-ROM Stem in THA for Crowe Type IV DDH
14.  Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction in patients aged above 50 years – outcomes of patellar tendon and hamstring graft ACL reconstructions
15.  Wrist arthroscopic treatment of ulnar impaction syndrome
16.  Publication Trend in the Indian Journal of Orthopaedics- What is published & Why?
17.  A cadaveric study to assess risk of nerve injury during arthroscopy portal placement in the elbow joint
18.  Association of COL1A1 Sp1 gene polymorphism with degenerated intervertebral disc prolapse from a subset of Indian population: a case control study
19.  Anthropometric predictors of quadruple hamstring graft diameter for ACL reconstruction
20.  The isolated posterolateral tibial plateau fracture: Treatment and results through a modified posterolateral approach
21.  Short-term clinical effects of intra-articular 32P colloid in the treatment of haemophilic synovitis of the knee
22.  In vitro Biomechanical Study of Screw Pull-out Strength, Based on Different Screw Path Preparation Techniques
23.  Minimally invasive Surgery under fluoro-navigation for anterior pelvic ring fractures
24.  Reliability of the Mangled Extremity Severity Score (MESS) in combat related upper and lower extremity injuries
25.  Reduction of Postoperative Bleeding and Transfusion Rate after Total Knee Arthroplasty Using the Subcutaneous Indwelling Closed Suction Drainage Method
26.  Comparison of two methods of intramedullary nails and plating in treatment of closed noncomminuted diaphyseal tibia fractures with intact fibulaes
27.  Total Knee Arthroplasty in Valgus Knees using Minimally Invasive Medial Subvastus Approach: A Midterm follow up study
28.  Augmentation of bone healing in delayed and atrophic non union of fractures of long bones by partially decalcified bone allograft
29.  Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with zero-profile devices for two noncontiguous levels of cervical spondylosis
1.  Pathological Fracture Dislocation of the acetabulum in a patient with NF-1. Report of a case and up to date review
2.  Role of cement augmentation in curettage of spinal aneurysmal bone cyst(ABC)-2 case reports
3.  Transradicular Lumbar Disc Herniation: An Extreme Variant of Intraradicular Disc Herniation
4.  Severely comminuted radius fracture presenting as a signature patterned injury.
5.  Consecutive three cross-leg flaps for lower leg reconstruction of Gustilo type III C open fracture: A case report.
6.  Life-threatening paraspinal muscle hematoma causing severe anemia after percutaneous vertebroplasty: a case report
8.  Neglected Isolated Scaphoid Dislocation
9.  A Unique Case Of Pseudotumour Due To Severe Metallosis After Total Elbow Arthroplasty: Revision Complications And Outcome
10.  Gorham’s Disease in Humerus Shaft treated with Autogenous vascularized fibular graft
11.  Tuberculosis and Aspergillus Arthritis of hip and knee joint – A case Report.
12.  Isolated dorsal dislocation of the tarsal navicular: a case report
13.  A lobulated pseudoaneurysm during acetabulum preparation in primary total hip arthroplasty
14.  Complete dorsal dislocation of carpal scaphoid combined with perilunate dorsal dislocation: the unique carpal injury
15.  One stage revision single-bundle ACL reconstruction with impacted morselized bone graft after a failed double-bundlereconstruction with considerable bone defect
16.  A Rare Case of a Patellar Tendon Re-rupture on the Opposite End of the Previous Site of Surgical Repair
17.  Arthroscopic treatment of displaced tibial eminence fractures using a suspensory fixation.
18.  Entrapment Neuropathy of the Infrapatellar Branch of the Saphenous Nerve Treated By Partial Division Of Sartorius
19.  Paraplegic flexion contracture of both hip joints – An unsolvable problem, a case report

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